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Sweet Swag

Here are some of the stuff we got in the mail this week and last week from Google and a few affiliate networks we are working which included:

Another Google Cooler, memory card, Maxbounty gift basket, Neverblue gift package and Hydramedia cards.

Google Cooler and Memory Card

Maxbounty Gift Basket

Neverblueads Gift Package - Blankets, cards, candy, slippers, dvds

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Making Passive Income Online

My new laptop arrived last week and so far it has proven to be a good investment. I’ve been playing some new games on it and working on some projects. But more importantly it has allowed me to get out of my room. It was too depressing working in my room and I needed a change of scenery. 

I’ve been also getting a lot of comments and emails asking for the magic or secret website or traffic source to make money online – basically asking how to get rich quick. The answer is there is no instant get rich quick method if your thoughts are incomplete or flawed from the start. Do not get me wrong, it is possible to get rich quickly. But if you were following this blog since the beginning, you would know that we were not making any money for a long time, instead we spent alot of time just learning and slowly building  websites and trying all sorts of ideas. We found out that you can really invest two things, Time and/or Money. The secret is to trying to leverage other people’s time and/or money.  A lot of people want money from the beginning without investing neither TIME or MONEY. If you do not have much money or are in debt, I recommend you just get a job and work on building your passive income slowly. Set out a goal of just making ONE dollar a day in passive income. After work, build your financial and business skills by investing time into books, making sites or blogs. And in time, it will be easy for you to make passive income.  


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Mezlan Shoes

Recently picked up these shoes. I’ll post a review on them once they are broken in.

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