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Focus on What You Want

 A good indication of what is going on in a person’s mind can be found by looking at their everyday surroundings and environment. I recently found photos of our older brother’s refrigerator that we took when we visited him. Take a look at it:


That just shows me what was on his mind for the last few years. He has his Phd now and recently found a 6-six figure income job! He probably mastered those equations to get his Phd and placing them on his fridge helped.

Here is a photo taken of our refrigerator a few months ago and some books


Writing down goals and placing them where you see them everyday helps you focus your energy and thoughts on achieving them.

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How to Start Making Good Money, Today – Part 3

Want to make more money? I mean a lot of money – a lot of easy (passive) money? Then you have to start your business. Just like the word ‘stocks’ or ‘options’ or ‘investments’ a lot of people will just roll their eyes and conjure up their preconceived ideas and emotions to that word. ‘Ahh another silly blogger talking about business’ will probably be your thoughts. Its quite understandable too – a lot of bloggers these days think that they have a “business” just because they have a blog site up and are earning 1-2 bucks (if they are lucky) a month putting in 2-6 hours a day.

Lets just settle a few questions with this post – First off my twin and I want to make it clear or state right now that we do not make even 50 bucks a month on this site/blog at this moment. Its the truth. I probably spend about a good solid 30 minutes a day on this blog when I get bored which is more time I spend on some of my income producing businesses and sites. I’m not gonna lie I tried to montenize this blog but have found out that it requires a few resouces we need to secure first to make it scalable, automated, and profitable. The blog business jsut does not fit my style of business right now but it can. My twin and I found this out after the first 2 weeks of starting this blog but just did not have the vocabulary or words at the time to explain it. So like most bloggers we just kept the way we did business like usual – hence we are averaging 30 cents per post right now. HUrray! We did however take the lesson from it and made other sites. Hence you also see how we did not blog for weeks at a time. We started this blog to track our journey to mastering money or getting out of the rat race, or getting passive income or whatever idea we had back then. Basically a journal for those who shared in our journey. I know exactly what new and starting entrepenuers want/need even if they only know it subconciously or not or just don’t have the words to decribe their wants. We even wrote a book on it but took it off the market. Anyways…

So what the heck is a business? To me and my twin a business is just a money making system where we just set it up correctly and collect the cash – freeing more and more of our time to do whatever. Some people like to set up a system, make it work for a few months, sell them, then repeat the process again – that can be fun but is too much work for most people.

How to Start your very own business these days

Don’t waste your time and think that you have to get special education like an MBA or a business experience from a company to start your business. You don’t even need to form a company or make business cards or quit your current job. You don’t even need an original idea or a good idea. You don’t need a ton of money to start. And you DON’T need to dedicate long hours to start. Also if you are into the website business you will soon find out that you really don’t need to learn all that goobly goop fancy java/ajax coding technicals. What you do need is motivation to actually start in the beginning. You CAN NOT be lazy in the beginning. Even though your goals is to get sweet passive income, you have to go through the trails and test a lot of stuff to build your own style of successful businesses. This means you have to take action to actually try to setup a system to make money to MAKE yourself a GOOD business man or woman.

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Overcoming Your Fears

It is not easy to overcome fear and conquer anxieties that may be controlling your life. To overcome fear, you have to understand where it is coming from and why you are hanging on to it. Most importantly, you need to know how to banish fear from your life, and allow yourself to experience new and exciting things.

It’s normal to be afraid. Everyone’s always afraid of something, whether it’s public speaking, heights, spiders…those are perfectly common fears or phobias. But there are bigger fears in life to overcome that may spell the difference between having a successful life or a meaningless one. Overcome fear of failure and fear of change, and you could be getting so much more out of life.

Now how do you overcome fear?

First of all, you have to take the time to sit down and make a list of all your fears in life. Ask yourself why you are afraid of them and how you have been dealing with these particular fears. Figure out what’s more important to you – avoiding your fears or overcoming them in order to reach your goals. The answer should come to you easily enough and that’s a major step in helping you overcome fear. Make a list of your biggest ambitions in life and write down the things that prevented you from accomplishing them as well.

You must also learn to stop listening to your inner critic. Your inner critic is your voice of doubt and worry, the one that always tells you why you can’t do certain things. You may have been living with it for years, but if you develop enough strength and faith in yourself and your abilities, you will be able to overcome fear by shutting out one of the major things that keep you from your dreams.

Remember to let go of your preconceived notions. Ideas you have formed about how impossible some things are and how imminent failure can be can make you afraid of what will happen if you pursue your passions. Thinking positively about the future is a good way of ensuring that you overcome your fear enough to take charge of your life.

One major way to overcome fear is to really look it straight in the face. Giving yourself an inspired push and taking baby steps towards your goal will help you see that it is possible for you to succeed and will help prove that your fears are unfounded, which should give you enough courage to forge on.

Once you’ve finally learned to stop giving in to fear, then you’re well on your way toward attaining your goals. Don’t worry if it takes you some time to reach this level. Learning how to overcome fear may take some work and needs a lot of patience, but the rewards are endless. You should keep that in mind when working on conquering your fears.

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It would not be an overstatement to assert that procrastination is one of man’s attitudinal problems. It is in fact a complicated issue that has eaten deep into the opportunities and corresponding successes of man. In this report, the grave effects of procrastination has been outlined, so you can understand the influence it exerts on your chances of daily successful achievement. Procrastination itself is to delay or put off something you ought to do for whatever reason. There are numerous reasons why people don’t seem to understand why they should act and do thing on time.

Imagine a world without light “ how it would be like if Thomas Edison had procrastinated on discovering a light bulb; if Henry Ford or Eiji Toyota had procrastinated on developing a motor vehicle; how communication would have fared if Graham Bell had procrastinated on giving the world the telephone set. The list can never be exhausted. Imagine a world void of these few things I have just mentioned. In fact, this medium of data transference (the Internet) would have been completely impossible! So you wouldn’t have actually been able to read this piece of information if someone somewhere had procrastinated in something. Now it is human nature to think that other alternatives would surface. Think of the numerous persons that conceived the idea of discovering and producing such things (I do understand that an idea is not peculiar to one man on the planet at the same time. There are pockets of sparsely distributed ideas to different persons in different location at the same time) and were not able to. Procrastination is the driving force, the destructive catalyst that empowers such unproductive returns.

The cost and effect of procrastination can be extremely grave in all spheres of life “ the personal, spiritual, psychological, professional etc Now pause for a minute to think of the lost relationship as a result of he few contacts you refused to act upon immediately. The latter you push off keeping contacts both in business and personally, the easier it is to loose important customers and people. Think of the disputes you never got settled because of the constant delay “ “I will call him and get over with it tomorrow”. And a new today keeps bringing in a new tomorrow till it becomes too late. The effect of procrastination can cost you too much in business – the lost opportunities to cash in on , think of the cost of not being proactive, of not being the market leader “ nobody ever wants to be associated with the second best “ even you!

Lost opportunities definitely will cost you money. Now, you wouldn’t tell me you do not know how it feels not to have money on you or at least in the bank. You are as good as dead friend. You’ll definitely be angry all the time. It gets a lot easier to be infuriated once you don’t have money. This all compound to instigate dispute in the family. Your spouse or children suddenly become the cause of your trouble. Your mental health starts to deteriorate as stress sets in, so is low self-esteem and confidence guilt and feelings of inadequacy.

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